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17Have you looked into HR933 provision and Senomyx?
20190209 -by Dominick DeLucca
16Are you planning to visit Venezuela to give personal support to the self-proclaimed interim president?
20190131 -by Victor F Rodriguez
15Is it true that the wall will be made from the money of rich mexicans in U.S. banks?
20181213 -by Victor F Rodriguez
14Mr. Trump: Offer your donkey to The Lord.
20181130 -by Victor F Rodriguez
13With the advancement of science and technology, how many lunar stations does the USA have in the moon?
20181129 -by Victor F Rodriguez
12According to the U.S. Department of Commerce, visitors from Mexico in 2018 are estimated in 19,428,000. From Canada, 21,021,000. How can you stop this?
20181120 -by Victor F Rodriguez
11Mr. Presidente: Where have all the soldiers gone?
20181119 -by Victor F Rodriguez
10Mr. President: How many ears must a man have before he can hear people cry?
20181119 -by Victor F. Rodriguez
9Mr. President: If cold war does not exist anymore, why not invite Russia to join NATO? In this way, all expenditures in armament can be deviated to countries with population dying of starvation.
20181117 -by Victor F Rodriguez
8What is your position about same-sex marriage and abortion?
20181116 -by Victor F Rodriguez
7You have the power to make the world a better place to live.
20181115 -by Victor F Rodriguez
6the criminals are silencing all conservatives...we must stop Facebook
20181114 -by Tim Chavez
5What is the criteria used by USA to bring into justice, uncovered, people like "Chapo Guzman", Manuel Noriega or Saddam Hussein; and in other situations, covered via CIA, like Trujillo in the Dominican Republic in 1961?
20181110 -by Victor F Rodriguez
4U.S. Government voids USA visa to government's officials from foreign countries when corruption is detected. Why don't you better confiscate their money and return them as infrastructure development to those countries? In this way, nations of the world will see U.S policies actions with better eyes.
20181109 -by Victor F Rodriguez
3Please fire sessions tonight. Change the narrative immediately. Show everyone you will not back down to their tyranny. You are awesome. Thanks
20181106 -by Jeromy Douglas
2Mr. Trump, please create a new immigration program similar to the Express Entry in Canada.
20180316 -by Jhon
1Mr. President. Explain this: Why the US has a deficit with China if most transactions are made in US Dollars.? USA has the power to buy all countries in the world by making more dollars.
20180315 -by Victor Rodriguez
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